Beyer Consulting Group assists companies in adapting to today's current reality by Building Intelligent Organizations.  

Intelligent Organizations function beyond "work smarter, not harder."  They use value analysis, efficient decision making, and technology tools to work on the right things first - and deliver faster.

We believe there is a fundamental change in business underway, influenced by the spirit and principles of Agile.  

Forward-thinking leaders are embracing these principles to create company cultures with engaged employees, happy customers, and real growth.

They are already ahead of the market...

Will you join them?

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Bureaucracy was created to efficiently manage the large amount of data in an organization, as no one person (or small group of executives) could handle it all.  As data management is increasingly handled better through advancing technology, so should the decline of bureaucracy be experienced - even expected.  

Beyer Consulting Group collaborates with our clients to take advantage of the latest solutions for efficiency.  


An intelligent organization cannot be designed, it must be built.  Our "Building Intelligent Organizations" methodology follows that idea to adapt to your current reality.


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Be Hyper-Efficient:  Delegate to Get More Done

Time is your most precious resource, because it is fixed.  If you want to deliver more value than you can provide alone, you need delegates to add value.

Your time is best invested in working on items that contribute directly to your vision, and the administration of your business functions can derail you from delivering real value. 

When you work within your areas of strength, work gets done better and more efficiently.

When you delegate, communicate a well-defined task by satisfying all of the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. qualifications and you'll have your success criteria established.